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Network Facts

  • Dual path service entry
  • Dual path network drops
  • Dual service routes via XO
  • Cisco ASR Core Routers
  • Cisco 4500 Core Switching
  • Lit Fiber Providers
    • AT&T
    • XO
    • Level-3
    • US Signal
    • Verizon
    • Cavalier
    • Comcast
    • Paetec
    • Windstream

Bandwidth Providers

ServOnDemand utilizes multiple redundant peers for network integrity, stability, and availability.  In addition to network hardware redundancy, our facility is fed through three diverse conduit paths to eliminate any potential of line interruptions.   Our core routing network is comprised of Cisco ASR Series routers. Our core switch network comprises of Cisco 4500 Series switches with redundant uplinks via fail-over protocols so should in the event a router fail (despite that each core router has full redundant hardware), it would not affect customer traffic.  Our system is designed to heal and continue operations regardless of the minor interruptions or hardware failures.


Available Lit Fiber Providers -