ServOnDemand is a premier hosting provider of managed, collocated, dedicated, and virtual server services. Our clients enjoy a highly available, fault tolerant, Tier-1 network for low latency, quick access, and cost effective bandwidth. Our world class Tier-III data center facility nestled in South East Michigan reinforces our commitment by providing full facility wide N+1 (or higher) architecture on multiple levels of infrastructure (HVAC, Power, Network, etc). Our facility features a full suite of security options including biometrics, cameras, multifactor authentication, steel doors, concrete walls, and up to four layers of security detection/prevention.

ServOnDemand was modeled after a simple, but often forgotten business element…customer service. Our dedication to the client is paramount, with 24/7/365 support and our full staff on standby, we offer an unsurpassed client response, even if that means weekends.

Company History

Our facility has been in operations since late 1999 and we have mainly focused on raw data center floor space to large fortune 500 companies, since 1999 we have not had a single power interruption of our services (zero power outages since inception).  In 2003 our facility’s redundancy was put to the test when we experienced what became known as the “Northeast Blackout of 2003” in which the entire north eastern United States suffered heavy electrical loss, we maintained operations for the entire outage period with not a single server offline or a single connection drop.  In 2007 ServOnDemand, LLC was spun off to create a business element that focuses more on the cabinet customer and smaller.  This business element was designed to focus on the managed, virtual, dedicated server, and full cabinet co-location market niche and to provide new and present customers with a larger portfolio of options and services.

Not Resellers

ServOnDemand operates its own equipment and infrastructure and does not buy and resell servers or services. By owning our own equipment and critical infrastructure components, we can provide the client with a much more secure, protected, and scalable business operation.  By eliminating the middleman you are eliminating potential vendor billing disputes, lease disagreements, and other acts which may interfere with your business operations.   We are also able to control the personnel access of the facility and chose whom to grant or deny access, this keeps unwanted visitors out of the facility and ensures a problem free environment.

Support Available Anytime 24/7

Support is available around the clock, including weekends, nights, and  holidays.  Our staff remains on-call 24/7 standby to provide a quick response should any need arise.  Clients are provided with our award winning client control panel from where tickets can be created, escalated, and monitored.  Furthermore, all clients are provided with a personal number and email of their respective technical representative for quick resolutions.  With this personal phone number, clients are able to build a relationship with their technical representative and operate more closely with each other and with a greater understanding of the clients needs, systems, and their network hierarchy… this results in quick resolutions and diagnosis.

High Security & Guard Patrols 24/7

ServOnDemand operates multiple levels of security systems and notifications on any facility security event.  In addition to our software monitoring and event monitoring, we also operate multiple camera systems (over 32 cameras covers all angels of entrances and critical components) from various angles and points of interests, these camera systems can retain data for beyond two months of full recording.  We do not record just movements, we record everything, this ensures that in any event, we will have the footage to review.  Our facility is also patrolled by a private security firm 24/7, the security guards physically visits the facility in random intervals approximately 30-45 minutes apart, the random intervals keeps checks random.   The security company has to physically touch the building via a RFID token which is then logged and reviewed on a regular basis, this ensures that visitations are legitimate and that physical patrol has taken place.

Our facility has no signage on the road nor has any signage on the building, this keeps our facility unknown to the outside world to be a world class data center.  Mechanical equipment are placed in a position as to where limited viewing is possible and no viewing is possible from the main road, this keeps our facility looking like an ordinary structure.  We take our security a step further by not allowing impromptu visitors or deliveries without a formal advanced notice and our door systems to our offices remain locked without a card access key.


We hope that our facility is your next home for your business.  If you have any questions or seek additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at